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Bring mobility and freedom to your mind, body and breath using a combination of Slow Flow, Restorative and Yin inspired Yoga. We infuse slow, gentle flow yoga with attention to strength and stabilisation of the joints mindful of posture and body anatomy for a moving meditation.

(March 17th 2020 – Ahimsa, Non harming). As well as in person classes, we are keeping the option of Zoom to connect, staying safe, practicing yoga together, apart, in our own homes live streaming in person classes on Zoom, meaning you get the second Zoom class FREE every week.

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Monday and Friday 9.30-10.30am

Zoom & In person Downs Barn Cross & Stables Church & Community Centre


Monday Evening Slow Flow 6.00-7.00pm –  In  person only at The Synagogue, Giffard Park 

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Yoga is a way of finding peace of mind through the  meditation of movement and breath. Yoga is not about getting into the pose but we use yoga postures to gain access to the body. Yoga is how you feel in the body, not how you look and a vehicle in life for more conscious living.

There is no universal alignment that applies to every pose, nor is there a perfect form that applies to each person. Your body is the only one like it, we are all unique. Classes are alignment-influenced moving safely within your body.

Classes are suitable for both beginners and those that already have a love of yoga. You are most welcome to join us on our mats. If you’d like to ask me anything  CONTACT KAREN

August 2020 – “I joined Karen’s beginner yoga class to support my running training. The classes were friendly and at the perfect pace. Karen has a great way of explaining and encouraging, making you feel relaxed but also building your confidence and ability. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.” Phil C.

To register interest in the next Beginners Yoga Milton Keynes  CONTACT KAREN

With love and gratitude, Karen 

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