In person & Online Yoga Classes Milton Keynes


“If you don’t take care of this, the most magnificent machine you will ever be given….where are you going to live?” K Calabrese

“yoga for everyBODY” Yoga Milton Keynes

Monday 9.30-10.30am  Zoom and in person Cross & Stables Downs Barn 

Monday 6.00-7.00pm     In person The Synagogue, Giffard Park £8 drop in

Friday  9.30-10.30am   Zoom and In person at Cross & Stables Downs Barn 


Slow gentle  Hatha Flow  – Mondays and Fridays 9.30am  £8 drop in               

Zoom Term 6 weeks (over 8 weeks – (No yoga 26/30 Jun & 3/7 July))

Friday 26th May to Monday 17th July – 6 week Zoom term over 8 weeks (Mon & Fri)

No In person Live yoga on 1st May

11 sessions over 6 weeks (*Recorded class for 29th May Bank Hol)

11 classes on Zoom for 6 week Term £36 or £7 drop in Zoom

£8 In Person drop in at Cross and Stables

£2 extra for in person class on Mondays Or Friday morning 

                                 BOOK HERE       or email

The perfect start and end your week. Using pranayama (breath) and asana (postures) we gradually allow our bodies to build strength and mobility ending with relaxation to unite the body and mind.

Live in person  (*), £8 drop in or £2 supplement for one in person class a week for those on Zoom 

(If you miss a class you can take the recording as many times as you like for that week and one zoom link for the whole household)


Monday Evening  6-7.00pm Slow Flow Yoga  £8 drop in

The Synagogue, Giffard Park

June 2023

   Please pre pay term or drop in £8

Monday 3/10/17 June  (none 29th May Bank holiday) –

3 weeks pre pay £21 or £8 drop in 

                                                BOOK HERE       or email

                                                                                                   July 2023

                                                               Monday 17/24/31 July 3 weeks pre pay £21 or £8 drop in

A great end to your day. We will flow through various asanas synchronising breath with movement in a slow vinyasa yoga allowing your body to build strength and mobility ending with relaxation for body,  mind and spirit.

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A filled in Health Questionnaire and Covid procedure acknowledgement is required before you take a class. (pre booking essential). Contact here 

Try your first class on zoom for free.


Payment by  prefer bank transfer to Karen Noon with your full name as reference to Sort Code 40-47-64  Account 4231 0805 – Many thanks.                       


Monday and Friday We will open class at 9.20am to chat and catch up and keep connection. In person places £8 drop in or £2 supplement for those on Zoom

I am enormously grateful that wherever we are in the world, the internet enables us to maintain our connection and we can continue to move, breathe and practice together.

A filled in Health Questionnaire is required before you take a class. 

I aim to make these classes as inclusive as possible and if you have lost your job or unable to pay please contact me

Payment by  prefer bank transfer to Karen Noon with your full name as reference to Sort Code 40-47-64  Account 4231 0805 – Many thanks.

Suitable for beginners Yoga Milton Keynes.

Some Testimonials on the live stream Slow Hatha Flow Yoga classes;

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to set up this. It’s so good to be able to do this at home. The unexpected joy is that we can see each other & exchange greetings. It was the highlight of the day. – Ros


Thanks so much for doing this for us, I don’t think I would be doing yoga without it, and it makes such a difference. X – Susan M


It’s working great Karen. Feel I had a really good practice and nice to feel part of a group rather than just following a random video.
Thank you!

Well done, Karen. Brilliant yoga session. It was easy to set up Zoom on my iPad and great to be able to see and chat to all the class too! Cheers – Keith H

Hi Karen
Enjoyed the session today- it helps to keep the body flexible and memory going especially at these challenging time- really good
See you tomorrow at 0930hrs
Thank you – Anne


“The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means – not up, not out,but in. In is the only way out.”– Sadhguru


Corporate Yoga Sessions – £75 per hour 

Clients include Nuffield Health, VW, Up and Running and Network Rail…..

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Private YOGA As Therapy – Yoga Somatics and Restorative – Healing the body-mind 

For anyone in recovery or with chronic illness, auto immune conditions  or simply as a complimentary de stress to the world we live in.  All in the comfort of your own home, equipment provided.

We will start with SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) is Prajna Yoga’s “yin” style practice. All the movements are done on the floor in a flowing fashion, without force. The SATYA movements cultivate inner listening and heighten proprioceptive awareness. This awareness is the body’s innate intelligence. The exercises are non-weight bearing and involve sliding, gliding and circular movements to reduce myo-fascial holding in the body.

We will cultivate essential sensory-motor awareness by experiencing small movements out of gravity. Movements that benefit the lower back, iliopsoas and spine.  Thus helping to reduce body fatigue.

Our body tissues absorb our living experience whether it is the food we eat, the way we live or the stress of our everyday lives. It’s no wonder we encounter discomfort and dis-ease. This practice will allow us to pause and using small somatic movements along with meditation and breathwork, help address these imbalances.

Somatic postures are used as a means to increase strength and flexibility, as well as heightening our ability to listen to deeper nerve pulsations and flows within the body.
See SATYA 1 for more information of this wonderful yoga practice.

I teach on a 1-1 or 1-2 basis at your home £55 within a five mile radius of Great Linford. Currently full. Contact me for when I next have availability.

Yoga at The View

above photo credited to yogi Linda Dennis showing Monday and Friday morning yoga view.


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Yoga In School

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” (possibly Albert Einstein)

Apologies – I don’t teach in schools any more but can pass you on to someone that can.

I have a BSC(Hons) in Psychology, a year of which was spent studying Child Development. 

I am enhanced DBS checked,  first aid trained and am trained and experienced working with the SEN code of Practice.

I undertook my Children’s Yoga and Teenage Yoga Teacher Training with the mindfulness expert, Christiane Kerr of CalmForKids in London and have been teaching yoga in preschools and schools since 2014.

Yoga is a fantastic mindful movement integrating body and mind with the breath.

For children and teenagers,  yoga helps development in the following ways

  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices


There is some great research and articles into the benefits of Yoga and children’s development. These are just a few, please do take a look.

A great article by Laura Grace Weldon on how physical and cognitive development relate to each other – 2012 – here

Yoga for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Well-Being: Research Review and Reflections on the Mental Health Potentials of Yoga – here.

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga to Young Children with Special Needs: Developing an Appropriate Methodology – Michelle Mochan 2017 – click here

Karen Noon  Yogaalliance UK Registered

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