Love Our World….

This has been an unprecedented week for the nation, the world, humanity.

As we took our first steps online to a live streamed yoga class this week, what was very apparent, as we negotiate this turning point in history and as people retreat further inwards, was the need of contact and to connect.

Honouring the spring equinox, the earth continues it’s journey towards summer. We celebrate the ending of winter but also the beginning of waking up from  a deep slumber which is how I feel as humans, we are being shaken to our core, to awake. This spring more than ever, go outside, wake up to the stuff we’re not paying attention to.

Every breath in class this week we acknowledged gratitude and set our seeds of intention for the coming spring.

We have a deeper need more than ever to take time to align, ground and become centred.

Breath deep, stay healthy, stay happy, love deeply. Karen


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