Trust and Surrender…..

Two years a go I turned up at a gym I was teaching two yoga classes at and was asked if I was able to teach for free and bring paying “Facebook Friends”, as this was what another local teacher had offered. Merry Christmas I thought and said goodbye. The truth is I never really enjoyed teaching these two classes as much as others. The space was huge and cold and classes big and fairly impersonal.

I worked on other things for a couple of months, still teaching yoga at other venues but then had a dream one night waking with the word Dhama on my mind. I really wanted to teach the type of yoga I enjoyed.

I started to put together  a 4 week beginners course and soon I had the 10 spaces filled.  I am so grateful to still be teaching these people nearly 2 years on. Thank you.

The point is, the universe does this thing where it aligns you with people, things and situations and sometimes you just have to trust and let go of the things that no longer serve you whether you have a choice in that or not.

Raise your vibration and trust and surrender to what instinctively feels good. The more you raise yourself up and improve yourself the more you’ll attract what you want in life.

I am full of gratitude daily to all that are in my life; family, friends, yoga teachers and students.  Namaste



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